July Events

July 7th: Vermont 400k. Great, easy-to-follow route starts in Woodstock, VT and heads to the Canadian boarder in North Troy and back in an elongated route. Not an “easy” event but perhaps the most gentle of the Vermont rides.

July 14th: Boston (Concord) 600k: The Connecticut River Tango. Starts in Concord, heads south through Connecticut, north across Massachusetts and into New Hampshire. Crosses the CT river into Brattleboro Vermont, then heads south to Deerfield, MA and northwest to Williamstown, MA. The final 200k is directly back to Concord with no controls across the middle of the state. For a picture of the ride, see the NER website banner above.

Note: Due to construction, minor changes to the route will be announced a few days before the event.

June Events

June 2ndVermont Northeast Kingdom 300k. Another one for the books. It was a great day of riding and all starters finished.

June 9thPortland Daytrip (400k) and Portland Express (200k). This is one of NER’s easier routes and the only coastal route in the archive. Riders of both distances will leave Woburn, MA at 4am heading north to Portland along the coast. Once in Portland, 200k riders are done and 400k riders turn around after a good lunch at the OhNo Cafe. The return leg is a bit more challenging as it stays inland to avoid the evening tourist traffic along the coast.

Fleche 2018 Teams

Eight teams are riding the Fleche/Dart/PopDart in 2018! Come join us in Portland on May 20th @ 11am at The Kings Head for a celebratory brunch.

Here’s the team honor roll:

  • Pioneer Valley SnailDarters
    • Captain: Pamela B. with 2 teammates
    • Route Length: 216k (Dart)
    • Start City: Greenfield, NH
  • Mainely Flèche Rippers
    • Captain: Darren G. with 2 teammates
    • Route Length: 391k (Fleche)
    • Start City: Portland, ME (Loop Fleche)
  • Paris & Beyond
    • Captain: Steve B. with 4 teammates
    • Route Length: 204k (Dart)
    • Start City: Freeport, ME
  • PSST (No Vowels!)
    • Captain: Tsun A. with 3 teammates
    • Route Length: 139k (Dart Populaire)
    • Start City: Newburyport, MA
  • Team Polly Dartons
    • Captain: Daniel J. with 3 teammates
    • Route Length: 208k (Dart)
    • Start City: Bradford, VT
  • Notch-o Bizness
    • Captain: Jon D. with 2 teammates
    • Route Length: 379km (Fleche)
    • Start City: Newburyport, MA
  • Shaving Grahams
    • Captain: Emily O. with 4 teammates
    • Route Length: 340km (Fleche)
    • Start City: Portland, ME (Loop Fleche)
  • Pop Tart
    • Captain: Sara H. with 3 teammates
    • Route Length: 123km (Dart Populaire)
    • Start City: Portland, ME

If your team applied and you are not listed, please contact Jake ASAP. Looking to join a team? Post a message to the NER Google Group/List