2011 Results Posted

The full 2011 Results for the Boston and VT Events has been posted to the Historical results page. Direct Link: 2011 NER Results.

Here are some meaningless stats from the 2011 season:

Number of Events: 11 + Fleche
Total Riders: 138
Countries Represented: 2
States/Providences Riders Represented: 13

Total Finishes: 243
Total DNFs: 30
Total DNSs: 29
Average number of events per rider: 1.75

Finisher breakdown per event and collective distance traveled:
 – MA 100k: 53 finishers – 5,300k (3,293 miles)
 – MA 200k: 53 finishers – 10,600k (5,686 miles)
 – MA 300k: 37 finishers – 11,100k (6,897 miles)
 – MA 400k: 30 finishers – 12,000k (7,456 miles)
 – MA 600k: 20 finishers – 12,000k (7,456 miles)
 – VT Early 200k: 8 finishers – 1,600k (994 miles)
 – VT 300k: 9 finishers – 2,700k (1,677 miles)
 – VT 400k: 7 finishers – 2,800k (1,739 miles)
 – VT 600k: 19 finishers – 11,400k (7,083 miles)
 – VT Late 200k: 4 finishers – 800k (497 miles)
 – VT 114k: 3 finishers – 342k (212 miles)

Total distanced traveled by finishers: 70,556k (43,841 miles).
Sum of time spent riding events: 3,808 Hours (159 days or 22 weeks)
Average distance traveled by NER finishers in 2011: 290k
Average Speed of the NER finisher: 11.5mph / 18.5kph

Cumulative time breakdown per event:
– MA 100k: 276 hours. (Average Speed: 11.9mph)
– MA 200k: 485 hours (Average Speed: 11.7mph)
– MA 300k: 609 hours (Average Speed: 11.3mph)
– MA 400k: 597 hours (Average Speed: 12.5mph)
– MA 600k: 718 hours (Average Speed: 10.4mph)
– VT Early 200k: 97 hours (Average Speed 10.2mph)
– VT 300k: 141 hours (Average Speed: 11.9mph)
– VT 400k: 160 hours (Average Speed: 10.9mph)
– VT 600k: 653 hours (Average Speed: 10.8mph)
– VT Late 200k: 50 hours (Average Speed: 9.9mph)
– VT 114k: 22 hours (Average Speed 9.6mph)

For comparison, The Adventure Cycling Association routes for the US perimeter (mainland) amount to 11,832 miles. NER riders collectively circled the US about 4 times in 159 days. Alternatively you can think of us circling the earth 1.75 times. Go NERds!.

VT 114k and 200k Update

Route scouted. Cue tweaked and available to registered riders.

And, due to lack of interest, there will be no official VT / NERds meetup. For accommodation and dining options contact me off list.

VT 114k and 200k Fall Classic Update

Our state is in desperate shape following Irene… last weekend I rode most of the southern portion of the VT Fall Classic 200k… and all was well – with great conditions on the dirt roads – most were smooth and fast – more pleasant than riding pavement, which is typical this time of year.

Post Irene – who knows. Both routes feature about 65% dirt / gravel roads with quiet rural roads between. Much of the route(s) follow interesting terrain – a few mountain streams, a road high up on a ridge across from Mt. Mansfield, a drop down to the Winooski river valley, and then a climb back up near Camel’s Hump. Many of our river valley towns were underwater on Sunday and Monday. A few of the worst hit in northern VT are nearby and parallel to our route. And just about every major and minor road in our state has some sort of issue – washout, trees down, culvert out, bridges washed away…

I’ll be scouting the entire route by bike over the next 2-3 weeks.
Expect a cue sheet to be release just before the ride to minimize any potential changes. Apologies I can’t offer one up sooner.
The course will be beautiful regardless of any re-routes – plenty of leaves left on our trees despite the weekend of really crazy wind – so
fall color should be spectacular. Looking forward to this event – its the highlight of my year (even before this was an official brevet most
of the roads were my ‘birthday’ ride)…