Boston 300k / 200k – May 11th 2019

Ride Information

Start Location: 300 Baker Ave Extension, Concord, MA (See below for specifics)
300k Start Time: 6am
200k Start Time: 9am (Note later 200k start time.)
Length: 311k / 193mi or 211k / 131mi
Time Limit: 20 Hours (300k) or 13.5 Hours (200k)
Ride Leader: Jake Kassen
Lighting: Lights & reflective gear required for BOTH distances.
Controls: Ashburnham (2&3), Hardwick (2), Ware (3), Holland (3), Rutland (3)
Sanctioning: ACP & RUSA (300k) & RUSA Only (200k)
300k Map, Track, and Cue:
300 Cue Sheet PDF (Grid Style) Direct Download PDF (Update 5-9-2019)
200k Map, Track, and Cue:
200 Cue Sheet PDF (Grid Style) Direct Download PDF (Update 5-9-2019)
Registration: Register at BikeReg

2019 Support Info: Please note that there will be limited support on this event in 2019. There will not be a volunteer to meet riders along the route until after 2am when the 300k finishes. All riders should verify they have a “Plan B” if they are unable to finish via their own power. Additionally, riders on the 200k may not reach the Hardwick control before the coffeeshop closes at 3pm. While they will receive credit for the event, the next opportunity for services is roughly 20 miles further on route.

Parking/Start Location 2019: Both distanced will start in the far rear lot of 300k Baker Ave Extension, next to Emmerson Hospital building and behind the Residence Inn adjacent to the woods. The ride start and check-in is outside in the parking lot. At the finish riders should leave their bikes outside and come into the lobby of the Residence Inn to check-in.

300 Baker Ave Extension Map – Click to enlarge

Lighting and Reflective Gear: Sunset is at 8:05pm. All riders (both distances) finishing after 7:30pm MUST BE WEARING REFLECTIVE GEAR AND LIGHTS. Riders will be checked at the start to ensure they start regulation safety gear and must use said gear starting with sundown.

Controls: NER supported control in Holland, MA (300k Only) Other locations are at local merchant where water and snacks can be purchased.

Dirt & Pavement Conditions: Both distances are fully paved, however poor pavement will be found in many sections.

Route Overview

After many years of using a 300k route which traveled past the Conn. River we figured it was time for something new. After months of planning, checking, and riding a brand new route has been established. I (Jake) think this is one of the nicest brevet routes in Eastern NE but would love to hear comments from riders. A description is below.

Leg 1 (200k, 300k) – It wouldn’t be a 300k without a stop at the famous Tweedo’s so that’s were riders will head. With the new start location in Concord it’s quicker to get to Ashburnham so no more stopping at the Dunkin’ in Harvard. Riders will leave out the back of the office park, cut through West Concord (last chance for snacks) and take the traditional roads to South Action before heading northwest. Much of this section is similar to previous years which is to say rural and hilly. Yes, Cushing (CRushing) hill remains perhaps steepest climb of the ride but it’s also pretty short.

Leg 2 (200k, 300k) – From Tweedo’s the route heads almost due south though some of Massachusett’s small central west towns. IMHO, this is about as nice of a leg as they come. Almost no cars, rolling hills, small farms, interesting sites. It’s gorgeous and challenging but with some nice long descents to give riders a break. First, we pass Smith’s Country Cheese into Templeton, MA and then continue to Berre and finally to Hardwick. In Hardwick all riders have a chance to stop at the newly opened Mini’s Coffeehouse — the only store in the town. For 200k riders Hardwick is a control town and they’ll turn East to head back toward Concord. 300k riders will continue south (stopping optional) to Ware and into the DCR park in the south section of the Quabbin. There’s a long climb up to an overlook but it’s not too steep and the pavement is in good shape. Once at the top you can see 100,000 acres of pristine wilderness guarding Boston’s water supply. The overlook is an info control so be warned you still have another 10-15 miles until the next chance for water and snacks.

Leg 3 (300k) – Enjoy the nice long descent out of the park and along the Swift River through Bondville and to Palmer. In Palmer there are plenty of chances for a meal for those who want a hot lunch. Leaving town you’ll pass the old Monson Developmental Center, an enormous, now closed state hospital. From there the route enters Monson which is a wealthy central Mass/CT border town. From Monson riders go East to European cities of Wales and Holland. In Holland we’ll have a supported control with snacks and water.

Leg 4 (300k) – From Holland the route heads North staying on the small farm routes through Brimfield (Antiques, anyone?) and on many of the roads representing the original ‘Boston Post Road’ which was the primary route between Boston and New York in the early 1700s. Riders will pass the large State Police training facility in New Braintree and drip through Oakham which riders of the MA 200k will recall. Finally the 200k & 300k routes rejoin in Rutland where there’s another chance for a food. In Rutland riders of Boston distances should put on their reflective gear and lights if they hadn’t already.

Leg 5 (200k, 300k) – You’re in the home stretch now. From Rutland you’ll take some back roads to Sterling which many riders will know from NER’s early 100k. It’s a straight shot back to Concord at this point with less then 40 miles to go. Back at the Concord Hotel we’ll have snacks and if you arrive early enough you can even buy a beer at the hotel bar.

So why should you ride the 300k?

  • Passes through enjoyable central west towns of Ashburnham, Templeton, Hardwick, Ware, Monson, Holland, Ware, New Braintree
  • All scenic back roads
  • Lots climbing and a few great views.
  • Most controls are small stores.
  • Gorgeous rural MA scenery.

Photos from 2017

Anyone know the story behind this house in Lunenburg?
Wildflowers in Bloom
You’re at the top of a climb when you see this.
One of several farm stands off Williamsville Road in Hubardstron.
Be Alert! (But for what?) This is a chicken coop owned by the Country Hen (local egg producer) which both distances pass.
Headed into Princeton
Calm waters in Harvard
Riders come across this maze of short trees on Gilbert Rd about 7 miles after leaving Petersham. This is one of the few sites which is more interesting to see via satellite. (Click the photo for a link to Google Satellite for this site.)
Rider and NER Board Member Emily O’Brien stops on the Tully Dam on the 300k
Petersham Gazebo Control
Quabbin (via one of the Fishing Sites)


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