Five Hills – MA 200k – Nov 3rd 2018

Start Location: The Loading Dock, Belmont, MA (See Parking Note below)
Start Time: 7:30am
Length: 200k
Time Limit: 13.5 Hours
Ride Leader: Tsun Au Yeung
Sanctioning: RUSA Only
Cue Sheet 200k: TBA
Lighting & Reflective Gear: Required after 5pm (Most Riders)
Registration: Register via BikeReg
GPS File/Route: (Updated 10/10/2018)

Parking: Do not park in The Loading Dock’s lot! Free, on-street parking is available on adjacent streets. If needed, riders can also park in the nearby Alewife MBTA lot (Fee applies; make sure to take the bike off the car’s roof first!). The Loading Dock opens at 7am for breakfast for riders who want a pre-ride snack.

Lighting & Reflective Gear: Sunset on Nov 3rd is 5:30pm. After that time a bright headlight(s), taillight(s), reflective vest/sash, and anklebands are required. All riders should start with these items available even if they expect to finish before sundown.

Thanks to Tsun for hosting this late season 200k. The route stops in the same New Hampshire towns (Brookline, Mt. Vernon, etc) used on the classic Boston 200k but this route is almost entirely different although just as nice. The route is rolling through Massachusetts with five big climbs in NH. Each climb has an elevation above 800′, all within a 35 mile stretch in the middle of the route. Some nice views and fast descents give riders something to look forward to. Make sure to stock up on food and water as there are not many services on the route, particularly in the first half. However, riders will get a chance to stop at a small farm cafe and general store for excellent fresh-made sandwiches.

Photos from a Sept 3rd Pre-Ride (Jake):

The Loading Dock. Great breakfast before you start, dinner when you finish.
Early morning passing a farm Lexington.
Some furry spectators watching the cyclists climb Page Hill
Lots of small roads like this on in Bedford
Great Brook Farm doing it’s impression of Iowa
The sculpture garden at this mansion (compound?) continues to grow. Hard to know if they like art of just hate to mow.
If you’ve been looking for a Purple Castle, it can be found on this route
Massachusetts scoffs at Vermont’s covered bridges. In Pepperell the covered bridges are newly built and huge.
The side of the Hilltop Cafe in Wilton, NH. You’ll work up an appetite getting there.
Highest point of the ride with an elevation of about 1000′.
If you are still hungry after stopping at the Hilltop Cafe, the Mt. Vernon General Store will help.
Grain Silo in Littleton, MA. Might be the closet large silo to the city of Boston. While common in the midwest, a huge silo like this is pretty rare in Massachusetts.