MA 300k & 200k Wrap-Up

Congratulations to the 48 people who attempted the 300k & 200k on May 20th. The weather was nearly perfect if not a little cool at the end — a rarity for this event. Feedback was good and everyone seemed to enjoy the ride. (Although comments are already welcome.) Big thanks to Walter Page who ran the Petersham control and Dan Greene who helped with check-in for the 200k.

Results have been posted and sent to RUSA.

Ride reports from the events are welcomed as are photos.

In two weeks is the Portland Fleche & Dart and June 17th is the 200k/400 to Portland and back.

Results Posted

The results for all events through May 13th are now posted on the 2017 Event Result page. Results from upcoming events should be posted in a more timely manor. RUSA members can also view their results on with the RUSA Result Lookup tool. (Non-Member results are still submitted to RUSA but are only displayed on the NER site.)

Meshomasic 121k – Saturday, May 13th

Wrap up: The Meshomasic was a great ride! This was NER first CT Ride Start AND a dedicated mixed terrain route with 50%+ unpaved! Big thanks to Justin E. for not just asking for a CT ride but actually designing a route and running the ride. Few know that early in the morning on the day of the ride Justin went out to the path across the I-84 bridge and swept away all the glass and debris that had accumulated from the passing cars. It was greatly appreciated.

We had a ton of interest from first-time riders which was nice to see. Sadly, a Nor’easter threatened to make for soggy ride with heavy rain forecast for almost the entire event and temps in the upper 40s. BUT as is often the case, the weather prediction was wrong: It was cool but the rain started much later in the day and most riders finished completely dry. The few that did get wet didn’t need to ride in the rain for all that long. The lesson for new Randonneurs: Don’t trust the forecast. Sometimes it rains on “nice” days and just as often it’s dry when you expect to be soaked.

We’re interested in feedback from 30 people who attempted the course. Hopefully this ride will be back next year.