New Years Day ride + 2017 Schedule

Please join NER for our 1st ride of 2016 on January 1st at 9:20am. More details can be found on the Sunday Series page.

Expect to see a big NER website update soon with the 2017 events listed. Until then, below is the dates for 2017. We hope to add a few more events and some of the routes might get changed but the dates and distances are firm so add them to calendars now.

Date – Distance – Route (Start Location)
2017/01/01 – 100k – Sunday Series 100k (Boston Suburb, TBA)
2017/02/05 – 100k – Sunday Series 100k (Boston Suburb, TBA)
2017/03/05 – 100k – Sunday Series 100k (Boston Suburb, TBA)
2017/04/08 – 100k – Sterling Loop (Bedford, MA)
2017/04/15 – 100k – Peidmont Populaire (Montpelier, VT)
2017/04/22 – 200k – New Route! (Bedford, MA)
2017/05/06 – 200k – Green Mountain 200k (Middlesex, VT)
2017/05/20 – 200k/300k – Tweedo’s (Bedford, MA)
2017/06/02 – 120/180/360k – Fleche & Dart! (Portland, ME Destination)
2017/06/17 – 200k/400k – Portland One-Way and Loop (Bedford, MA)
2017/07/08 – 300k – Northeast Kingdom 300k (Montpelier, VT)
2017/07/15 – 600k – CT River Tango 600k (Bedford, MA)
2017/07/22 – 400k – Green Mountian 400k (Woodstock, VT)
2017/09/23 – 114/200k – VT Fall Classic Loops (Montpelier, VT)

NER Board Nominations 2016

The New England Randonneurs board of directors consists of 6-10 persons who oversee the events and organization. These people play a critical role in determining policies, managing the budget, choosing merchandise & branding, and communicating with members. The entire board is elected yearly with nominations open until Oct 15th. (You can self-nominate.) Shortly after October 15th candidate statements will be posted online at and voting will be open until November 15th.

To nominate yourself or someone else, please send their name to The NER clerk will follow up with a request for a statement.

If you ride with NER often, please consider joining the board. It helps everyone to have a wide array of voices and the board only meets 3-4 times per year via conference calls and/or in living rooms.