Fall Classic 114k & 200k – Sept 23rd

Please Join NER for our annual end-of-season Vermont ride to be held on September 23rd in Montpelier. This is a favorite route of many riders and one of the most challenging. 60-70% of the ride is on dirt roads with short section of overgrown bike trail on the 200k. Many riders complete the event on 25-28mm tires and road bikes so don’t be scared away. The 114k has fewer dirt sections which are all low traffic auto roads. After the event we’ll have a small party in which everyone is invited. Previous years have featured some picture perfect riding conditions.

Results: All 2017 event results have now been posted on the event result page and submitted to RUSA. RUSA members will be credited with the distances on the RUSA website within the week.

Overnight 200k Brevet August 12th

Join us at 9pm on August 12th at Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington, MA for our annual overnight 200k. Riders will transverse quite roads of Northeastern MA and southern NH as they ride by moonlight. (Or rather, bike headlight.) Besides being lots of fun, this event gives riders the chance to build up their overnight riding skills and is great for people with other commitments during the day.

Special thanks for Sarah for running the event and Ride Studio Cafe for staying open late and opening early in the AM.

More information on the overnight event page.

Minor route updates posted Friday morning. If you miss the online registration cut off, you can still join us by coming to Ride Studio Cafe at 8:30pm on Saturday night to fill out the registration form. (A DOE surcharge will apply.)

July Event News

300k Wrap-Up: Congratulations to Justin, the only finisher (out of two starters) for the July 8th 300k. Thunderstorms were predicted but as is often the case, they didn’t materialize. Justin had a great ride, including using Amtrak’s Vermonter to arrive at the start without a car.

600k Wrap-up:The 600k was successful. We had 30 riders starting, the most in several years. The weather was warm and humid but not oppressively hot like 2016. For many, it was their first 600k. The overnight accommodations in Williamstown were fantastic as usual and we have Bruce and Julie to thank for their terrific hospitality. Back at the finish in Concord Sarah and Tsun staffed the control and greeted returning riders. Thanks to everyone who attempted the ride.

July 22nd: Vermont 400k. Great event! 12 riders started and everyone finished on what was a nice day with morning tailwinds. Special thanks for volunteer Jan for designing the course and running the event.