Sunday Series Winter Rides

Just a reminder that starting in November we’ll have a 100k on the first Sunday of the month. The first ride of the 2017-2018 season is Sunday, Nov 5th starting from Nashua NH at 9am. More details on the Sunday Series page.

2018 Calendar Annouced

Below are the dates and tentative rides for 2018. There’s a lot of planning still to come but the dates & distances won’t change. Long time riders will notice some Vermont events missing — We’re still figuring out dates so these will be aded as RUSA rides once more details have been finalized. We do expect a Vermont 100-400k plus a fall dirt ride.

Another notable change is that Hanscom Field has been asking cycling groups to find another start location which is a big undertaking for NER. If the start location is moved it will remain in the general area.

DateDistanceStart CityInfo LinkOnline Reg.
March 24thACP 200kProvidence, RIInfoRegister
April 7*RUSA 100km / 65 mileConcord MAInfoRegister
April 21ACP 200km / 125 mileConcord MAInfoRegister
May 5ACP 200km / 125 mileMiddlesex, VTInfoRegister
May 12ACP 300km / 190 mileConcord MAInfoRegister
May 12ACP 200km / 190 mileConcord MAInfoRegister
May 17-20Portland Maine Team Weekend:
Fleche (360km), Dart (200km), and Dart Populaire (120km)
June 9ACP 400km / 250 mileWoburn, MAInfoRegister
June 9ACP 200km / 125 mileWoburn, MAInfoRegister
TBDRUSA 300km / 190 mileMontpelier, VTInfoTBA
July 7RUSA 400km / 250 mileWoodstock, VTInfoRegister
July 14ACP 600km / 375 mileConcord, MAInfoRegister
Aug 11RUSA 200km / 125 mileLexington, MAInfoRegister
Aug 18thACP 300k / 190 mileWellesley, MAInfoRegister
Oct 6thRUSA 100kMontgomery Center, VTInfoTBA
Oct 6thRUSA 200kMontgomery Center, VTInfoTBA
Winter Monthly*Sunday Series: 100km+ on first Sunday of the Month October to March in Metro Boston

Fall Classic 114k & 200k – Sept 23rd

Please Join NER for our annual end-of-season Vermont ride to be held on September 23rd in Montpelier. This is a favorite route of many riders and one of the most challenging. 60-70% of the ride is on dirt roads with short section of overgrown bike trail on the 200k. Many riders complete the event on 25-28mm tires and road bikes so don’t be scared away. The 114k has fewer dirt sections which are all low traffic auto roads. After the event we’ll have a small party in which everyone is invited. Previous years have featured some picture perfect riding conditions.

Results: All 2017 event results have now been posted on the event result page and submitted to RUSA. RUSA members will be credited with the distances on the RUSA website within the week.