March 5th 127k

Update March 4th: The RWGPS Route link was updated on Friday to explicitly use the Minuteman Bike path which was previously adjacent to the route. No other changes were made. Riders will be given useable cue sheets at the start.

NER’s last Sunday Series ride of the winter will be Sunday, March 5th. The route is the longest of the Sunday Series offerings at 127k (~78 miles) as it takes in some of the nice rural roads west of Boston. It was pre-ridden on Feb 19th and the roads were snow & ice free but watch out for the sand and potholes common this time of year. The course is rolling with the hilliest sections in the middle and nearly pancake flat for first and last 15 miles. The route features two merchant controls, one in Northborough and another in Harvard. At the start in West Medford we’ll have coffee in the morning and soup/stew (or something else warm) when riders return.

More info can be found on the Sunday Series page.

Come April we’ll have our annual kick-off event for the Boston series with a ride from Hanscom to Sterling, MA on April 8th. A week later and the Vermont series start with a 100k out of Montpelier on April 15th.

New Years Day ride + 2017 Schedule

Please join NER for our 1st ride of 2016 on January 1st at 9:20am. More details can be found on the Sunday Series page.

Expect to see a big NER website update soon with the 2017 events listed. Until then, below is the dates for 2017. We hope to add a few more events and some of the routes might get changed but the dates and distances are firm so add them to calendars now.

Date – Distance – Route (Start Location)
2017/01/01 – 100k – Sunday Series 100k (Boston Suburb, TBA)
2017/02/05 – 100k – Sunday Series 100k (Boston Suburb, TBA)
2017/03/05 – 100k – Sunday Series 100k (Boston Suburb, TBA)
2017/04/08 – 100k – Sterling Loop (Bedford, MA)
2017/04/15 – 100k – Peidmont Populaire (Montpelier, VT)
2017/04/22 – 200k – New Route! (Bedford, MA)
2017/05/06 – 200k – Green Mountain 200k (Middlesex, VT)
2017/05/20 – 200k/300k – Tweedo’s (Bedford, MA)
2017/06/02 – 120/180/360k – Fleche & Dart! (Portland, ME Destination)
2017/06/17 – 200k/400k – Portland One-Way and Loop (Bedford, MA)
2017/07/08 – 300k – Northeast Kingdom 300k (Montpelier, VT)
2017/07/15 – 600k – CT River Tango 600k (Bedford, MA)
2017/07/22 – 400k – Green Mountian 400k (Woodstock, VT)
2017/09/23 – 114/200k – VT Fall Classic Loops (Montpelier, VT)