Route Annoucements

VT 400k – July 16th: Please note the route was updated on July 12th based on a pre-ride of the course. No major changes however an alternate control was selected in North Troy and a few detours were added to avoid construction.

MA 600k – July 23rd: More details and photos have been added to the route info page. The revised route which starts in Concord, MA and adds Eastford, CT as a control point has been approved by RUSA and is good to go. Should be a fun ride through four New England states.

VT 300k & MA 400k Wrap-Up + Upcoming Events

We’ve had an exciting June of events. On June 11th was the VT 300k out of Montpellier. About a dozen riders started for what would be mixed weather on one of the hardest NER courses. There was some interesting mechanical failures on this ride. A rider visiting from Maryland had a crank arm that just didn’t want to leave the serene Northeast Kingdom and thus decided to drop off her bike in order to stay in Vermont. NER Board member Emily O’Brien lent a literal helping hand in order to have the group complete the final 30 miles of the route. A huge thanks to Jan D. for running this ride and of course Anthony M. for designing what might be the most scenic route in NER’s series.

On June 18th we had the inaugural 400k from Woburn to Portland, ME and back. This is a route which has been in the planning for the better part of a year and it was so well received that it will be become the standard 400k route out of the Boston area for the next few years. The weather was nearly perfect. We had a nice turn out as 39 riders started and all 400k riders finishes — perhaps a first for NER. Riders have to thank two volunteer couples for making the ride such a success: The Greene’s and the Fallon’s.

Rider Phil S. is the first with a ride report. He had a near-DNF when he had a chance encounter with a curb only 6 miles from the finish but thanks kind finisher who immediately volunteered their wheel Phil was able to make it back with plenty of time to spare.

Two big rides in July:

July 16th: Oh Canada 400k. This loop leaves from Woodstock VT and heads to North Troy (Canadian Border) before heading back down. Navigation is notably simple on this route which is perhaps the only Vermont ride NOT to use any dirt roads.

July 23rd: Southern New England 600k. This is a dynamic route which leaves Concord, MA (New start location) and heads south to CT, then North to NH and VT, and finally over to the NY border before heading straight home. This route has something for everyone: Hills, Flat sections, small town, and rural roads.

200k & 300k Recap

The Annual Sunderland & Northfield 300k + “Tweedo’s Revenge” 200k event last Saturday was a great success. Perhaps the best weather ever for this ride as 30 people started the 300k, 7 started the 200k. Everyone finished except one.

A huge thanks to the volunteers who made the event happen:

Pamela Blalock (Sunderland)
Blue Steel Bikes (Sunderland)
Dan & Susan Greene (Petersham)
Guy Washburn (Hanscom Finish)
Jake Kassen (Hanscom Start & Finish)

I’d also like to thank Tweedo’s in Ashburnham for their great hospitality at mile 55.

If you have a ride report or photos, please send to RBA Jake.