2012 Fleche Finishers

Congratulations to all 2012 NER Portland Fleche Teams! Check out the Fleche Wrap-Up Page for a list of riders and a map of their routes. The Fleche featured great routes, great comradery, and even a great brunch. If riders have any photos, send them along and I’ll add them to the page. I heard a few Moose were seen, though not by the team looking for them.

It’s never too soon to start finding teammates for the 2013 Fleche to be held around the same time in May.

2012 Online + Paper Registration

BikeReg Online registration pages have been created for all MA and VT events — links are on the 2012 event calendar page. We also have the 2012 Registration Form (PDF) available for those who prefer to register the old fashion (and cheaper) way.

Update: Current NER members can now use the Membership Event Registration page to declare their intention to ride events. We must hear from members by 11pm on the Wednesday before an event in order to process your registation. Otherwise you’ll be asked to pay the $5/$10 surcharge.

Wanted: NER Database Developer

Thanks for all the responses from the request for help listed below! A few people have kindly offered their services so we’re hopefully off to a great start. Please contact Eva if you think you have more to add.

New England Randonneurs has grown a great deal in the past four years and we’re finding that we’ve outgrown our current system of managing event registrations, membership, and results via a series of spreadsheets. In 2012 we’ll have a number of new routes, a new Fleche destination, a new RBA, and hopefully a new way of managing our event information as well.

To that end NER is looking for one or two volunteers with database and web development experience to help us create a simple DB to replace our spreadsheets. We’re not looking for anything fancy — just a basic web interface for entering and displaying the information we collect before each event. We don’t care what language (PHP, Perl, Python, etc) or DB is used to create this application so it’s pretty much up to the volunteer who takes on this project. A few of the NER board members have experience in this field and can give advice and answer questions.

If this sounds like a project you’re interested in please contact our Treasurer Eva Papp using the contact form.

We know this is a big project for a volunteer so we’ll try to give whoever helps us with this project some additional perks as well. Thanks!