2013 Registration Now Open!

Online and mail-in registration is now open for all 2013 NER events in MA and VT. Click the “Event Calendar” link above to find links to the specific BikeReg pages where both members and non-members can go to pre-register for events. Event prices have stayed the same but there have been a few changes to start times.

If you wish to register via mail and save the BikeReg processing fee ($3) we have a editable PDF you can download, print out, and mail in with a check. Please fill the form out on the computer before printing if possible — there are less chances for typos if we don’t have to read your handwriting.

Our membership policies have changed slightly. Read all about it on the Membership Information page. You can become an NER member online right now — no volunteer requirement needed though it’s still highly encouraged.

Fleche Information: Once again the fleche has a Portland designation as it did last year. Five teams participated in 2012 and everyone had a great time. We hope to have even more teams this year so start forming groups and planning routes. Applications due on May 1st, 2013. More info on the Fleche Info page.

Welcome New Board Members

We are pleased to announce several vacancies and new positions on the NER Board have been filed.

Membership Director: Jon Doyle. Jon will be helping plan member events, coordinating member communications, and answering questions related to membership.

Equipment Manager(s): Dan Greene and Bruce MacDonald. Dan and Bruce are taking on the important task of looking after NER’s Boston inventory of gear used to support the events. Think of them the next time you cut into a watermelon, fill your bottles, and lounge in a chair at a control.

Please be sure to thank these volunteers when you see them on rides.

Thanks for a great 2012!

On Sept 30th the famous VT Fall Classic took place and 30 cyclists finished what turned out to be a very wet (but gorgeous) 200k/114k out of Burlington VT. Here is a link to a gallery of photos from the ride. Thanks to everyone who came out and a huge thanks for Mike for running such a great season from NER’s Northern outpost.

While our 2012 season is now complete we’re already hard at work planning for 2013. The first event will be the Boston 100k on April 20th 2013. The list of NER ACP events is finalized but we’re still adding RUSA events. Thanks to the volunteers who have offered to help we again will have a full SR series out of the Boston and Northern VT regions.

Below is a list of the planned 2013 events and organizers:

April 20th – MA 100k (Melinda Lyon)
May 4th – MA 200k (Steve Wimberg)
May 11th – VT 200k (Hank / Steve)
May 18th – NER Fleche (Jake Kassen)
June 1st – MA 300k (Jake Kassen)
June 8th – VT 200k/200k (Dave / John)
June 22nd – MA 400k (John Moriarty/Bruce Ingle)
June 29th – VT 400k (Greg and Clifton)
July 20th – MA 600k (Matt Coe/John Doyle)
August 3rd – VT 600k (Anthony Mennona)
Sept 29th – VT 114/200k (Mike Beganyi)

Note: Italicized events have been submitted to RUSA for approval but are not yet official RUSA events.

Want to see another event added to the list? Do you have a route Brevet worthy? Want an all-dirt or no-dirt event? Would you like to see a pancake flat ride out to the cape or a quad busting march through Northern CT added to the list? Don’t just talk about it — organize it! We are always looking for more volunteers and events so please contact RBA Bruce Ingle or Volunteer Coordinator Emily O’Brien if you would like to run an event in 2013.

All 2012 events have the results posted in the event info pages. Over the winter we’ll consolidate the results and add them to the historical results page. 2013 registration will begin in early April.

Thanks again to all the riders, volunteers, and friends who made the 2012 season a success. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again next year.