Important: VT 400k Start Time Change

The start time of the VT 400k has been changed to 4am.

This change is being made in an effort to get riders past a parade in Waterbury and provide more opportunities for services late at night.

Please arrive at the start no later then 3:40am for check-in and additional instructions. A slightly revised cue sheet can be found on the event page.

Ride Start Parking: Please park in the Windsor County Clerk’s office parking lot. It is the next building west on Route 4 from Maplefield’s on the right.

June 27th VT 400k

This weekend is NER’s last PBP-Qualifier — the 400k out of Woodstock VT. Information regarding the ride has been posted to the event page. Please note that the cue sheet currently available for download will be revised again before the event. No major changes are coming but riders will want ride with the cue distributed at the start to ensure they have the most up-to-date and accurate cue. The updated cue will be posted online when ready.

MA 600k Post-Ride

Thank you to everyone who participated in the MA 600k this weekend! It always rains on the 600k but it rarely is a non-stop downpour for nearly 24 hours so everyone who started should feel proud. We had 19 finishers, 4 riders make it 300k+, a surprising number of no-shows at the start. (Rain scared you away?)

Results from the ride can be reviewed here on the events result page and submitted to RUSA/ACP.

Should you have comments on the route or how the event was run I’d appreciate the feedback. I can’t change the route to meet everyone’s suggestions (people prefer contradictory things) but it is helpful to know what people liked and would prefer changed. I’m also interested in feedback regarding the long control legs and using the motel as the finish.

I want to greatly thank Bruce MacDonald and his wife Julie for their incredible hospitality this weekend. Few people would be kind enough to turn over their entire house to bunch of wet, smelly, and tired cyclists arriving late at night and provide a ton of hot tasty food. I think everyone would agree having such great support at the control really made the ride more enjoyable and made up for bad weather.

Also thanks to volunteers Mike Anderson and Chris Knighton who arrived at the Bedford Motel at 1am and stayed in shifts until 8pm. A lot of riders don’t see all the work that goes into an event — several times driving in a car + riding it on a bike + preparing supplies + being around for the first and last riders and cleaning up at the end. So thanks to everyone who helped out to make this ride possible.