Downeast 1000k Important Annoucements

Now that the 1000k has been pre-ridden there are some important news and announcements for riders on this event. A detailed route description has been posted which riders should read as well.

Update (Tuesday Morning): The Downeast 1000k route has been updated and posted. The cue sheet is in Excel format and the RWGPS route link has been updated. Both should be considered preliminary but we don’t anticipate further changes before Thursday.

Click below to read the full announcement.

1000k Updated Route Info

We have posted links to the preliminary 1000k cue sheet and RWGPS maps to the NER 1000k route details page for those who want a more specific idea of the course:

Please note: The route posted is not finalized and we expect some changes after it’s pre-ridden in a few weeks. The route should be finalized within a week of the event unless something drastic occurs. When changes are made they will be posted here on the front page.

There are three long stretches between controls on this route. For all three there is food/water between the controls, either along the route or just off the route, which has been noted on the cue sheet.

Registration and Refunds: Riders have until July 15th to register or withdraw and request a refund. No registrations or refunds after July 15th. We still have spots available. The Comfort Inn used as the start/finish has agreed to extend their discounted room rate for riders who register by July 15th so there’s still time to get a better deal on room.

VT 400k Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out for NER’s last PBP qualifier for the year — the “Oh Canada” (aka Aux Canada) 400k out of Woodstock VT. We had 10 people start and 8 finish plus another four who had pre-ridden the course. There as some last minute changes as we had to move the start time an hour earlier and make minor revisions to the cue sheet. In the end everything went swimmingly from this rider’s perspective. The course is scenic yet easy to follow as riders are primarily on VT-100 headed north to Canada and VT-14 headed south back to Woodstock. The rain held out longer then predicted and didn’t start until nearly midnight and all riders were in with plenty of time to spare.

The results have been submitted to RUSA and ACP certification numbers should be available on RUSA’s website by Tuesday morning.

Special thanks goes out to ride leader Jan who designed the route and worked through the late evening checking up on riders and making sure everyone had what they needed. 400k are some of the hardest events to run due to the wide range of times riders will be on the course so we thank Jan for his efforts.

Looking ahead NER takes a few weeks off until July 25th with a new overnight 200k out of Lexington, MA. A week later we have our two longest events out of Montpelier — the traditional VT 600k and the new 1000k to Acadia National Park.