Boston 200k – April 22nd 2017

Ride Information
Furthest Points: DCR Mt. Wachusett Visitor Center and DCR Purgatory Chasm
Start Location: Hanscom Civil Airport, Bedford, MA (Google Map Link)
Start Time: 07:00
Length: 200k / 125mi
Time Limit: 13.5 Hours
Lights & Reflective Gear: Optional but recommended
Ride Leader: Steve Wimberg
Controls: Princeton, MA and Sutton, MA
Sanctioning: RUSA and ACP.
Cue Sheet: Preliminary Cue (PDF)
Online Map/GPS: (Unofficial!)
Registration: Register on BikeReg

Important Note: Riders should expect to encounter some roads with horrible, broken pavement, sand at turns, 45˚ train tracks, and large potholes. These typical early season obstacles can be safely avoided provided rides pay close attention to the road.

New Route for 2017! Three almost equal length legs
Leg 1 – Hanscom to DCR Wachusetts State Reservation (Visitors center)
Leg 2 – Wachusetts to DCR Purgatory Chasm Reservation
Leg 3 – DCR Purgatory back to Hanscom.

April 2017 Pre-Ride Photos

Ride Leader Description:

For 2017, we’ve decided to forgo the usual New Hampshire destination. This year, we’re going to Mt. Wachusett! Ride with GPS indicates that the total climbing for the route is 7000 feet. This is a challenging route, with much of the climbing occurring in the first 40 miles, but there are significant hills in the latter part of the ride as well.

The first leg contains the most climbing, topping out at about 1400 feet elevation at the first control at Mt. Wachusett State Reservation. At about mile 20, riders will go past the Harvard General Store, just in case coffee is needed. The control will be in the parking lot at Wachusett. The summit is not on the route, but those seeking extra credit can ride to the top if they wish (assuming the road is open). Slower riders are well advised not to tarry along this first section, as the control will close at 11:24, giving riders 4 hours 24 minutes to complete the 42 miles. Total elevation gain in the last 10 miles is about 1000 feet, for those keeping score at home.

The 38 mile second leg from Wachusett to Purgatory Chasm State Reservation will give riders a well-deserved break as they descend from Wachusett. Don’t worry, hills will return, as riders pass the Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine and the Grafton Town Common before arriving at Purgatory Chasm. The control will be along the road, but as before, anyone who wants extra credit can hike to the Chasm if they wish.

The final leg from Purgatory Chasm to Hanscom is the longest at about 47 miles. Big climbs are done, but there are a few hills sprinkled about here and there. Riders will be on a lot of side roads before coming back through Ashland, Framingham, and Wayland. One thing we have not removed from the prior 200K route is our good friend, the hill on Virginia Rd, right before making the glorious left turn onto Old Bedford Rd, a half mile before the finish.

The two controls will be staffed with NER volunteers and light snacks. There are other services along the route if needed. Approx. 7000′ of climbing on paved roads making the route roughly as challenging as the previously used New Boston 200k. More details coming soon.

Pictures & Ride Reports (2016 and prior Routes):

13950966622_643918c1f4_zPhoto by Sara Huston

13974130283_2e021b16f7_zPhoto by Sara Huston

NE Rando 200k - Margot shift at RSC 013Photo by Henry van den Broek

NE Rando 200k - Margot shift at RSC 011Photo by Henry van den Broek

NE Rando 200k - Margot shift at RSC 004Photo by Henry van den Broek

NE Rando 200k - Margot shift at RSC 019Photo by Henry van den Broek

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