Boston 300k / 200k – May 12th 2018

Ride Information

Start Location: 300 Baker Ave Extension, Concord, MA (Adjacent to the Emerson Hospital building.)
300k Start Time: 6am
200k Start Time: 9am (Note later 200k start time.)
Length: 311k / 193mi or 211k / 131mi
Time Limit: 20 Hours (300k) or 13.5 Hours (200k)
Ride Leader: Jake Kassen
Lighting: Lights & reflective gear required for BOTH distances.
Controls: Harvard, MA; Ashburnham, MA; Northfield, MA; Sunderland, MA, Petersham, MA (200k skips Northfield and Sunderland.)
Sanctioning: ACP
Cue Sheet 300k: Preliminary 2017 300k Cue Sheet [Updated 5-17-17]
Cue Sheet 200k: Preliminary 2017 200k Cue Sheet [Updated 5-17-17]
Registration: Register Online via BikeReg
GPS File: See below for Ride with GPS Links

Event Information 2018: New start location! We’ll be starting from the large parking lot next to the Emerson Hospital building at 300 Baker Ave Extension in Concord, MA. (Just off Rt. 2, near West Concord.) Updated routes are forthcoming. Check back in June for more route information.

Lighting and Reflective Gear: Sunset is at 8:05pm. All riders (both distances) finishing after 7:30pm MUST BE WEARING REFLECTIVE GEAR AND LIGHTS. Riders will be checked at the start to ensure they start regulation safety gear and must use said gear starting with sundown.

Controls: NER supported control in Petersham. Other locations are at local merchant where water and snacks can be purchused.

Dirt & Pavement Conditions: No dirt on the 200k. 0.3 mile of hardpacked dirt on the 300k. Most roads are in reasonable condition (For Massachusetts) with a few short but notable sections of horrible pavement as marked on the cue sheet.

Route Overview

The 200k follows the 300k route for the first ~60 miles. At this point it head South to Petersham whereupon it rejoins the 300k return leg to Hanscom. The 200k route is an excellent choice for those wanting a shorter and but still challenging ride. Lights & Reflective gear are required on both distances!

Leg 1 (200k & 300k): Hanscom to Harvard, MA (22 miles): This short section should go by quickly in the early morning as riders pass though the quiet suburbs of western Boston on flat and gently rolling terrain. Not much of note in this section outside of scenic farms and expensive houses. Don’t spend much time at the dunkin’ donuts as you’ll have better places to stop later on.

Leg 2 (200k & 300k): To Ashburnham, MA (30 miles): You’ll encounter a few hills along this section as you stay in the north western MA suburbs. Some of the pavement in this section isn’t very good so pay attention. The control is an interesting connivence store / Pizzeria in a residential lakefront area. Try not to waste time with a game of mini-golf. Please buy something from Tweedo’s if you ask to use their bathroom and be very kind to their staff as they have been very helpful and supportive of our events.

Leg 3 (200k): To Petersham, MA. You’ll continue with the 300k route for the first 8 miles after the Tweedo’s control but then turn south and head straight to Petersham on rolling terrain. Highlights from this section is one of Massachusetts finest independent cheese makers and passing though downtown Tempelton.

Leg 3 (300k): To Northfield, MA (35 miles) OK, now the hills have arrived in ernest. The scenery in the section is really enjoyable — you’ll pass the Tully campground and Dam plus a bunch of interesting sites on quiet roads. There is an information control in the parking lot of the IGA Supermarket in Northfield; a signature/receipt is optional.

Leg 4 (300k): To Sunderland, MA (21 miles) This section is mostly flat to give riders a mid-ride break. You’re on the western side of the CT river now riding in farmland and though MA’s industrial past. The bridge to Turners Falls has reopened with a huge bike lane! While on the bridge look to the right to see the old mill and waterway. Neat stuff! Once in Turner’s Falls there are abundant services if needed but don’t stop for too long. You’ll take the rail-trail over the river which should be a good break from the cars. River road is a terrific low traffic, good pavement, mostly flat section along the river.

Leg 5 (300k Only): To Petersham, MA (30 miles) This is one of my favorite sections of the ride. You’ll stay on the quiet backroads of central west MA as you head northeast. You’ll leave the river when turning onto Foster’s Rd but the dirt section here is short and in good shape. If you are building up time and need a break consider a stop at the Leverett Co-Op. If it is too hot you can even jump in the water at Lake Minola Park! Rt. 122 is generally low traffic but has 45-50 mph speed limits and a narrow shoulder so please ride single file. In Petersham we’ll have another fully supported control but the Petersham Country Store has reopened! Riders who want “real” food are encouraged to stop into the store.

Important: Most 300k riders and many 200k riders will arrive at the Petersham control shortly before or at sundown. You must start using your lights and reflective gear at this point; failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Leg 6 (200k and 300k): To Hanscom Field (56 miles): This is the longest section so leave some energy. The first 30 miles include some short but steep rollers. You’ll spend 16 miles on Rt. 62 so you can take a short break from careful navigation until Sterling. Rt. 62 is a state road NER used to use frequently on older brevets and it’s still one of my favorite numbered roads due to the farms and lower levels of traffic. There is an ice cream stand 10 miles into the route and more comprehensive services in Stealing. From Stealing back to Hanscom is similar to the outbound on the MA100k. In the last 25 miles you’ll be back to the quiet wealthy suburbs as the hills slowly flatten out.

Below are links to the Preliminary legs for the 300k route:

Leg 1:
Leg 2:
Leg 3:
Leg 4:
Leg 5:
Leg 6:

Legs for the 200k Route:

Leg 1:
Leg 2:
Leg 3:
Leg 4:

So why should you ride the 300k?

  • Passes through enjoyable central west towns of Northfield, Sunderland, Leverett and fabeled New Salem, MA.
  • All scenic back roads
  • Lots climbing and a few great views.
  • Most controls are small stores.
  • Gorgeous rural MA scenery.
  • Takes the newly opened train bridge to bike path out of Turner’s Falls, MA


Anyone know the story behind this house in Lunenburg?
Wildflowers in Bloom
You’re at the top of a climb when you see this.
One of several farm stands off Williamsville Road in Hubardstron.
Be Alert! (But for what?) This is a chicken coop owned by the Country Hen (local egg producer) which both distances pass.
Headed into Princeton
Calm waters in Harvard
Riders come across this maze of short trees on Gilbert Rd about 7 miles after leaving Petersham. This is one of the few sites which is more interesting to see via satellite. (Click the photo for a link to Google Satellite for this site.)
Rider and NER Board Member Emily O’Brien stops on the Tully Dam on the 300k
Petersham Gazebo Control
Quabbin (via one of the Fishing Sites)


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