2018 Event Results (MA, VT, & RI)

Results listed below are PRELIMINARY and have not yet been approved by RUSA & ACP. Cert Codes are only provided for RUSA events; Results without codes are either ACP events or the rider finished outside the time limits and technically did not receive credit for finishing the ride. Current RUSA members can lookup all their results using a search tool.

Jan 7th, 2018 – MA 100k (South Harvard from RSC)
It was -6f on the morning of the ride with roads still covered with snow from a recent storm.
No one started.

Feb 4th, 2018 – MA 100k (South Harvard from RSC)

ANDERSONMichael44246h 4mRUSA-P13711
AU YEUNGTsun99826h 0mRUSA-P13712
DOYLEJon76324h 42mRUSA-P13713
LEADHOLMSamuel117314h 42mRUSA-P13714
MANGIERIJeffrey113145h 5mRUSA-P13715
MURRAYWilliam80825h 23mRUSA-P13716
PEARSONChristopher76756h 5mRUSA-P13717
ROHRNorman73225h 2mRUSA-P13718
SMITHStephen78195h 23mRUSA-P13719
STERNPhillip111355h 30mRUSA-P13720
SUKHIJAAmitoj115455h 28mRUSA-P13721
TEICHscott48635h 14mRUSA-P13722