April 7th 100k Pre-Ride Report

Matt Roy scouted the 100k route on Friday and gave the following report regarding some water on the roads. We are NOT changing the route which is the same as it has been for several years. Also note, if you attempted to download the preliminary cue sheet and found strange symbols in place of turns and intersections, please try downloading again tonight. You will be provided with a printed cue at the start which is the official route. (You do NOT need to pre-print the cue sheet.)

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early for check-in and registration. If you didn’t register in advance you can still join the ride with a $10 Day-of-Event surcharge.

I hope to see everyone in the morning and have a good ride!

Matt’s Report:

Route looks great in spite of all the rain. The shoulders are probably a bit messier than usual with the bonus sand, debris and potholes but nothing particularly alarming. Below are a few things worth pointing out.

The water in the Sudbury is quite high but not over the road (S. Great Road, ~mile 6)

South Great Road on April 7th, 2017. Photo by Matt Roy.

There are some especially egregious potholes on the right side of the road at the corner of Fairbank and Hudson (~ mile 12.5).

There is standing water on Spectacle Hill Road (following the crest of the hill on Bolton). It was ~150 long and ~4″ deep at it’s deepest point. I suspect it will be gone (or nearly all gone tomorrow). It was at roughly mile 22.

Spectacle Hill Road on April 7th, 2017. Photo by Matt Roy.

The railroad track crossing on Sterling road on the out and back dogleg are especially bad this year. Please encourage riders to use caution. They are the worst I’ve seen. This corresponds to roughly mile 30 on the outbound leg, 35 on the inbound leg.

The only other note of caution is on the long descent down Stow road (beginning at roughly 49.3, shortly after the turn off of Slough). There are a number of spots with small streams crossing the road beginning shortly after the start of Stow Road to the crossing under 495. Along with some occasionally inch-deep water, there are spots where sand and stones have been dragged on the road (especially at Westcott Road intersection [mile 50.4]). Heads up to the riders on that section.

The run in to West Concord on School Street was great (though River is closed) and there were no issues through Concord center past the river.