2017 Schedule (Revised)

Below is NER’s proposed 2017 schedule of ACP events for Boston. More events will be added to the calendar (including VT events) over the winter and these will be sanctioned only by RUSA.

Boston 2017:
100k – April 8th (Melinda Lyon)
200k – April 22nd (Steve Wimberg) New Route!
300k/200k – May 20th (Jake Kassen)
Fl├Ęche/Dart – June 1st-4th (Dart & Dart Pop. on June 3rd)
400k/200k – June 17th (Jon Doyle)
600k – July 15th (Jake Kassen)
Overnight – Late July/Aug (Sarah Bergstrom)

Vermont 2017:
A full series is being planned including the return of the Vermont 600k. Dates TBD.

Ride Leaders Wanted: NER Rides are volunteer based. If you have a route which you’d like to add to the calendar and run in 2017, We’d like to help. Rides can start in almost anyplace in New England and take place any month of the year. For more information or to propose a ride, please contact RBA Jake Kassen.