2015 NER Year in Review

2015 has been a great year for NER. Early in 2015 the weather wasn’t doing us any favors: Our February ride had only two starters — who then promptly returned 20 minutes later. Our 100k Sterling Populaire was effectively snowed out and had to be re-offered the following week. Our “flat” 200k went well though many riders reported being homesick for the traditional 200k route to New Boston, NH.

But then the weather got better. The Vermont series was great with some of the nicest weather for the early VT rides. Many of the routes were new as the series has completed the shift from Burlington to Montpelier and towns southeast. Dave’s new 200k was great as was Jan’s new 400k, even with the threat of being stymied by a parade. The newly re-routed, late season fall “Classic” was a whopper of a ride with excellent dirt sections and some of the hardest climbing NER has seen as well as some of the most spectacular scenery I’ve experienced on a bike in New England.

Back in Boston we had entirely new 400k and 600k routes, both of which were far deviations from what had previously been offered for these distanced. In the case of the 600k the final leg offered riders a chance to ride directly from the NY State line (well, a mile from it) to Boston without any controls to get in the way. Bruce M’s house and hospitality brought back fond memories of the late Sandgate.

Finally, 2015 featured NER’s new flagship ride, the Downeast 1000k: Few know all the work Anthony put into this event but it was well worth it. A great sleep control, a challenging but dynamic route, and at least a few riders were fast enough to catch sunrise from the top of Mt. Cadillac for the sunrise. Many reported it was the nicest ride of that distance they had attempted.

2015 by the Number:
Total Events: 21 + Fleche
Cumulative Advertised Distance Offered: 4,639km (2,882 miles!)
Cumulative Actual Distance Offered: 4,740km (2,945 miles!)
Cumulative Distance Ridden: 100,680km (62,560 miles!)
Total Registrants: 506
Total DNFs: 86
Total DNSs: 133
Cumulative time spent riding: 5,522 hours
Overall Average Speed: 12.3 mph*
NER’s RUSA Ranking: 6th largest group by RUSA points, 7th largest group by ACP points

A HUGE THANKS to the many volunteers who made 2015 happen. We couldn’t have do it without you. In particular, I’d like to thank those who stepped up to run events:

Melinda Lyon
Anthony Mennona (5 Events!)
Steve Wimberg
Tsun Au Yeung
Greg Wallace
Jan Dembinski
Sarah Bergstrom
Dan Greene

In 2016 the schedule is a bit thinner as there will be no 1000k or VT 600k and a few of the other events as taking a year off. Given the amount of work (particularly Anthony) needed to plan and run events, I think break is well deserved.

I hope to see everyone again in 2016. The first ride is this Sunday, Jan 3rd.