Parking for 87 Monument St (RBA House) Events

My address is 87 Monument St. #2, Medford, MA. This a blue building with a white metal fence above a brick border.

Rides will generally start on the sidewalk and front entranceway, not inside the house itself. There is no working doorbell — knock loudly or call the number on the brevet card if you need to reach one of us.

There is limited free on-street parking in the neighborhood. Please be mindful not to block anyone’s driveway or in one of the many designated handicap spots. Do not park in or block the driveway! There are two parking lots just two blocks away:

Lot #1: MBTA West Medford Station (Free)
Directions: Continue down Harvard St and take a left at the end onto High Street toward the Rite Aid and away from the train tracks. The parking lot is behind the Rite Aid. Note: Only the spots furthest from the store are available! Make sure to read the parking signs; the Rite Aid might tow if you park in one of their spots. Google Map to this parking lot.

Lot #2: West Medford Municipal Lot (Free on Sundays)
Directions: Continue down Harvard St and take a right and cross the train tracks. The entrance to the lot is on the right just before the liquor store. Google Map to this parking lot.