Fall Classic 200k/105k – Oct 6th, 2018

Start Location: TBA
Start Times:
– 200k: 06:00
– 110k: 09:00
Ride Leader: Daniel Jackson
– 200k: Recommended / Required if finishing after 6:30 PM
– 105k: Not Required
– Populaire: 100k / 67 mi
– Brevet: 200k / 127 mi
– 200k: ~10,000 feet
– 110k: ~6,000 feet
Time Limit:
– 200k: 13 Hours 30 Minutes
– 110k: 7 Hours 30 Minutes
Sanctioning: RUSA (Both distances)
Cue Sheet:
– 200k: TBA
– 114: TBA
Online Map/GPS Links:
– 200k: TBA
– 110k: TBA
Registration: Register online via BikeReg (Not active for 2018 yet)

2018 Event News:The Fall Classic is back, October 6th 2018. There’s a new route, new start location, and new ride leader. Daniel Jackson is offering up two events starting from Montgomery Center, VT not far from the Canadian boarder. The 200k is roughly 70% unpaved and the 105k is roughly 60% unpaved. Both routes feature a few Class IV roads for fun. There will be a social gathering post-ride as well. Look for more information posted in the summer.

Description (2017 Version below; will be updated for 2018):

Please note the 100k and 200k start are different times.

Come join us for the last New England Randonneurs 200k of 2016 or take it easy with the 110k. Both routes feature lots of very nice dirt roads in gorgeous central VT. Both rides start from Montpelier and head south to Randolph and back to Montpelier. From there the 110k ends and the 200k riders continue north for another loop through Woodbury and Cabot.

A post-ride party will be held at the ride organizer’s house immediately following the 110k, from approximately 2 PM – 7 PM.  All Vermont randonneurs are invited.  Food, beverages & showers will be available.  Riders of both the 110k & 200k are welcome to drop off a bag at the start of the ride with a towel & change of clothes for after the ride.  I hope you’ll join us to welcome returning 200k riders & to celebrate another great year of randonneuring in Vermont!

The 110k route is approximately 60% unpaved, with ~40 miles of dirt roads.  The 200k route is close to 70% unpaved, with ~85 miles of dirt roads.  Both of these routes feature a bit of adventure along the way which riders should be prepared for.  Both routes traverse a few roads which are categorized as Class IV & are minimally maintained.  The 200k will follow a rail-trail which is also minimally maintained.  The condition of these roads/trails largely depends on the weather leading up to & during the brevet.  Riders may encounter short sections of ruts, mud, boulders, soft sand, gravel, steep descents/ascents & downed tree branches.  Conditions may change along these roads within a very short distance so be prepared for variable conditions.  Wide tires, 700 x 32, etc., will prove helpful, especially if the weather is inclement.  The late summer weather has been very dry & so a road bike with 700 x 28 tires was sufficient for a recent pre-ride of the route.  With an open mind & a bit of an adventurous spirit you’ll likely very much enjoy these quiet, scenic stretches as they pass through wooded, remote areas of Vermont.

Note:  The 200k is a very challenging route, with significantly more climbing along the 2nd loop of the ride.  The second loop has about 5,500 feet of climbing over 57 miles or close to 100 feet of climbing per mile.  The 10 mile ride along the rail trail is gradually downhill, however, the minimally maintained, frequently rough condition of the rail trail makes this section particularly challenging.  Use caution along the rail trail & be prepared to ride slowly & brake suddenly to avoid soft sand, rocks, roots, etc.

Ride Start Info:

Both the 110k & 200k rides will start at the ride organizer’s house:  28 Colonial Drive, Montpelier, VT.  Upon exiting Interstate 89 at exit 8 travel 1.2 miles on Memorial Drive & at the fourth traffic light make a right onto Northfield Street / VT-12 South, following signs for Northfield.  Travel .5 miles up Northfield Street, passing the Econo Lodge on your right.  Take the 1st left onto Colonial Drive.  The start location is located at the 10th house on the left, 28 Colonial Drive.

Please note that parking for the ride is not available at the start location. Free on-street parking is available outside of the city center or riders may park in the public park & ride, which is located less than two miles away.  Upon exiting Interstate 89 at exit 8 make the 1st left onto Dog River Road.  The park & ride is located on the left side of the road.

Please be respectful of sleeping neighbors & keep noise to a minimum during the pre-ride check-in.

Post-Ride Party Info:

The post-ride party will begin following the 110k populaire, at approximately 2 PM.   The post-ride party will take place at the ride organizer’s house (28 Colonial Drive, Montpelier, VT), which is also the start/finish location for both rides.   See directions above to start location for the rides.


Detailed Route Description:

As with most rides beginning in Montpelier, the route very quickly heads uphill out of the Winooski River valley.  After gaining ~500′ of elevation within the first two miles of the ride, views of the Granite Hills to the east will appear as riders travel along the first of many miles of nice, quiet dirt roads.  The ride crosses back & forth along the same ridge for the next 20 miles, topping out in Brookfield at ~1,800′ of elevation.  Riders will stop at the picturesque floating bridge to answer the information control question before continuing on a nice paved stretch, with scenic views in the distance.  A nice long dirt descent will take riders off the ridgeline & into Randolph, the location of the first cafe control.

Leaving Randolph riders will head north along VT-12A following the Third Branch of the White River upstream.  This stretch of road has nice, new pavement & very little traffic.  Turning off of VT-12A, the ride climbs out of the valley along quiet dirt roads following the east side of the mountain range.  Along this stretch riders will travel for ~2 miles along Devils Washbowl Road, a minimally maintained Class IV road.  As mentioned above riders should anticipate rough road conditions.  The route will then cross over the mountain ridge on Moretown Mountain Road before beginning the long, dirt road descent down to the Mad River.  Riders will hopefully have nice views of the Green Mountain Range, including Camels Hump along this descent.  A short ride along scenic VT-100B will take riders to the next cafe control at the Red Hen Bakery & Cafe in Middlesex.

After leaving the cafe riders will take River Road following the Winooski River upstream toward Montpelier.  110k riders will make their way back to the finish at the ride organizer’s house.  200k riders will continue to follow the Winooski River along the Montpelier Recreation Path into downtown Montpelier.  200k riders will once again head steeply uphill out of the Winooski River valley.  Riders will soon find themselves on nice, quiet dirt roads as they pass through East Montpelier & Calais.  Riders looking for a break from the climbing may want to stop at the coop in the small village of Adamant.  Across from the coop is a picturesque waterfall, situated between Adamant Pond & Sodom Pond.  Riders will pass by several more ponds as they make their way to the next information control, a unique barn under which the road passes.  Leaving the information control riders will descend slightly into the small village of Woodbury before climbing over the ridge.  The route then descends down to the headwaters of the Winooski River in Cabot.  Cabot is the location of an open control, where riders will choose from one of three establishments in town to check-in at.  One of these choices is the Cabot Creamery Visitor Center, where riders may sample cheeses & re-supply.

Leaving Cabot the route quickly heads uphill crossing over yet another ridge before descending down to travel along Marshfield Reservoir.  Riders will soon enter Groton State Forest as they make their way to the next information control at the Kettle Pond day use parking area.  Leaving the information control riders will begin a gradual descent along the Montpelier-Wells River Rail Trail.  As mentioned above the rail trail is minimally maintained & very rough in places with soft sand, gravel, loose rocks, roots, ruts, etc.  Riders should use caution along this stretch of the route.  Riders will soon find themselves in the village of Plainfield, the location of the next open control.  Choices here include Positive Pie, a pizza restaurant, or the Plainfield Co-op.

The final stretch of the route follows nice, quiet dirt roads through rolling East Montpelier.  The climbing doesn’t let up until riders make their way back into Montpelier, where a nice descent into downtown will be enjoyed.  A short steep climb out of downtown Montpelier will take riders to the finish location of the 200k, at the ride organizer’s house.


Matt Roy’s Photo Album from the 2016 200k
Sara Hoston’s Photo Album from the 2016 100k

Photo by Sara Huston who adds "If you've got to fix a flat, this [Devil's Washboard] is a fine place to do it. "
Photo by Sara Huston who adds “If you’ve got to fix a flat, this [Devil’s Washboard] is a fine place to do it. “
Photo by Sara Huston
Photo by Sara Huston
Photo by Sara Huston
Photo by Sara Huston