2016-2017 Sunday Series – NER’s Monthly Populaire (100-199km)

The Sunday Series is NER’s off-season monthly sub-200k series. All rides are free for NER Members and Season Pass holders and $5 for the general public.

Come back soon! The Sunday Series will be on hiatus until October 2017 when the cold weather returns. Check back in early Fall for a listing of routes and dates.

The New England Randonneurs Sunday Series is a monthly unsupported Populaire (Sub 200k) series of rides. The first Sunday of every cold weather month NER will offer a short event ranging from 62-100 miles and leaving from Boston area Cafes or Bike Shops.

These rides are a fun way to keep up a fitness level year-round and earn a RUSA P-12 award. Riders are encouraged to ride in groups and socialize before and after the event. Unlike our normal Super Randonneur series events, the Sunday Series rides are completely unsupported. Controls are either stores or informational controls where riders will be asked to answer a question based on something visible at the control location.

Details in Brief: Show up at the start location with the entry fee in cash (free for NER members and Season Pass holders) and a NER volunteer will greet you with a brevet card and cue sheet. When you complete the event, give your card to the volunteer or the shop hosting the event. Bring a pen to answer info control questions. Lighting and reflective gear is optional but recommended, especially in the winter.

Additional Details:

Weather: These rides are held in any weather, year round. If there is a blizzard, a NER volunteer will still make it to the start to hand out cards for riders hardy enough to face the elements.

Pre-Registration: No pre-registration. Everyone registers at the start. Please arrive early.

Routes: The routes used will generally have more controls in an effort to keep the rides interesting and off major roads. The routes are not pre-ridden before the event and might be snow or iced covered — ride with caution. There may be short sections of dirt but these are not off-road rides.

P-12 Award: The RUSA P-12 award is given to riders who complete a 100-199km RUSA event every month for a year. Populaires and Permanents count toward the P-12 award. You may use the same route multiple times. Earning a P-12 award is a particularly special in New England. (Note: Riders must be RUSA Members to earn RUSA awards.)

Support: There is no support on the Sunday Series. You’ll want to bring a pen to answer the questions at the informational controls. Some of the controls will be cafes or shops — while not required, please considered purchasing something at these stores as a way of thanking the shop for signing the card and helping out.

New Routes: We’re looking for additional routes of 62-100 miles. Please contact the RBA if you’d like to help us by submitting a route.