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Congratulations Downeast 1000k Finishers!

The Downeast 1000k was a tremendous success and we greatly thank everyone who started and the 10+ volunteers. Results have been posted. A more detailed wrap-up and ride reports are coming and will be posted here soon. Until then, get … Continue reading

Downeast 1000k Route Notes

The following are more detailed notes on the route of the Downeast 1000k written by ride leader/designer Anthony: Riders will depart Montpelier in the pre-dawn hours, following US-2 East for 30 miles into St. Johnsbury. Riders may encounter a very … Continue reading

Downeast 1000k Important Annoucements

Now that the 1000k has been pre-ridden there are some important news and announcements for riders on this event. A detailed route description has been posted which riders should read as well. Update (Tuesday Morning): The Downeast 1000k route has … Continue reading

Overnight 200k This Saturday

This Saturday at 9pm we have a brand new overnight 200k being run out of Lexington. This route takes a loop northeast into NH, toward the coast, and then back inland to return to Lexington in the morning. This is … Continue reading

1000k Updated Route Info

We have posted links to the preliminary 1000k cue sheet and RWGPS maps to the NER 1000k route details page for those who want a more specific idea of the course: Please note: The route posted is not finalized and … Continue reading

VT 400k Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out for NER’s last PBP qualifier for the year — the “Oh Canada” (aka Aux Canada) 400k out of Woodstock VT. We had 10 people start and 8 finish plus another four who had pre-ridden … Continue reading

Important: VT 400k Start Time Change

The start time of the VT 400k has been changed to 4am. This change is being made in an effort to get riders past a parade in Waterbury and provide more opportunities for services late at night. Please arrive at … Continue reading

June 27th VT 400k

This weekend is NER’s last PBP-Qualifier — the 400k out of Woodstock VT. Information regarding the ride has been posted to the event page. Please note that the cue sheet currently available for download will be revised again before the … Continue reading

MA 600k Post-Ride

Thank you to everyone who participated in the MA 600k this weekend! It always rains on the 600k but it rarely is a non-stop downpour for nearly 24 hours so everyone who started should feel proud. We had 19 finishers, … Continue reading

600k Pre-Ride dinner and notes

Online registration closes today at Noon (Friday) for the 600k. PLEASE register on-line if at all possible. You can register at the start for an extra $10 but it’s surprisingly hard to read people’s handwriting so online is the way … Continue reading