Upcoming Events

Lots of events are coming up in Boston & Vermont. Details and registration links are located on the event pages on the right side column.

April 25th – Boston 300k with 200k option. 300k goes from Hanscom Field to the CT River, 200k shortcuts to Petersham MA.

May 1st – Portland Fleche/Dart Applications due!

May 9th – Brand new Vermont 200k which uses all local Bakeries as controls! Really nice spring route.

May 15th (Weekend) – Portland Fleche/Dart.

Congrats to 100k finishers & 200k Registration Open

On March 28th we held our traditional early season 100k from Hanscom Field to Sterling, MA. Fitting with the weather theme of 2015, this ride was nearly snowed out as the predicted 1-3″ of snow turned into a horrible, non-stop wintery mix in 30F temps for the entire day. Nevertheless 32 riders started. RUSA gave us permission to post an identical 100k the following week on April 4th for riders who wanted to wait out the March 28th event out due to snow. On April 4th the temperature was in the upper 40s and sunny but riders faced advisory level strong winds. Still, 14 riders started and completed giving both events a combined total of 46 riders. Good job everyone.

Of numerical note, rider Christopher P. was the 9,999 rider to be certified as finishing a RUSA Populaire and Robert W. received certification 10,000. For your efforts you’ll win an RBA autographed RUSA card to be mailed in about 9 months…


Boston 200k is April 11th! This is our “flat” early season route used only once every four years (PBP years) and is the only ride which head Southeast. Register now! Details can be found on the 200k info page.

April 4th 100k (Snow make-up from March 28th)

This weekend (April 4th) NER is offering the same 100k as offered last weekend as a make-up event for those who did not want to risk riding in the snow. This ride will be open to people who didn’t register for the March 28th event but on a pre-registration basis only — There will be no Day-Of-Event registration!

If you registered for the March 28th 100k and Did Not Start: Just come to Hanscom this Saturday and you will be registered. Please do not re-register.

If you did NOT register for the March 28th 100k and/or wish to ride the event again: Please register for the April 4th ride before Friday afternoon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The April 4th 100k will be run without any support! In Sterling riders will need to get a receipt from the Appletown Market.

Everything about the April 4th ride is otherwise identical to the March 28th running of the event.