Jersey orders now closed

Thanks to everyone who came out to the NER Gathering on Feb 19th at Ride Studio Cafe. I counted about 50 people which is impressive considering the horrible single digit temps and blowing snow. I hope everyone had a good time and found the meeting informative. Also thanks for RSC for staying open late to host us.

Jennifer Wise left me with a number of nice PBP info brochures — if you are interested email me (RBA Jake) and I’ll mail you one and we’ll also have them available at the 100k on March 28th. If you are considering PBP you’ll need to start planning right away as flights and hotel rooms are already selling out.

The Jersey ordering deadline has passed so no new 2015 wool and synthetic jersey orders are being accepted but we still have a few 2011 jerseys for sale at a super low discount price.

Pre-Order Jerseys

Jersey orders for the 2015 wool and synthetic styles are now closed. We still have some limited sizes of Synthetic jerseys and vests in the 2011 design in the super low price of $45. Details on Merchandise page.

Thanks for everyone who placed an order.

Google Calendar of Events

Volunteer Dan Shinnick put together a Google Calendar of rides for this season announced so far and shared it with the world for those who find such a thing useful. Please keep in mind that details like ride start times can change but you can safely use this for general planning. Thanks Dan!

NER Google Calendar Link