Upcoming Events

We have some nice late season rides coming up: Dan Shinnick is offering up a brand new 200k which transverses the North Shore of Massachusetts — an area rarely seen by Brevets and considerably flatter then our other 200ks. In VT they are planning a wicked hilly 1/2 dirt 200k which is a true challenge for those that are up for it. And thanks to Dan Greene will have yet another 300/200k on the calendar using our classic route to Voluntown, CT. As always we’ll end the season with VT Fall Classic 114/200k out of Burlington, VT.

Irish 1200k Ride Report

Local and longtime Randonneur (and NER board member) Melinda Lyon recently took part in the first offering of the Mille Faitle 1200K. Her ride report is excellent.

Upcoming 400K/200K Update

The routes for the 400K/200K for Saturday, June 28th have been updated to route around several construction projects.  The Ride with GPS links and cue sheets have been updated with the changes.  This should be the final version of the route.

There will be bag drop service provided for the 400K.  Bags will be collected at Hanscom and will be available at the New Boston Control and at the Hillsborough control.  Most bags will return to Hanscom after the closing of Hillsborough so may not be available for pickup until after 2AM and must be picked up by 7AM.

Please note that, although we do our best to retrieve riders who are unable to finish, we cannot guarantee someone will be available to do so and particularly are not likely to be able to transport riders who are unable to complete the ride in the last 2 segments.  As always, you should have a back plan for how you will get back to the start in the event you are unable to complete the ride.

I look forward to seeing you all bright and early Saturday.