Proposed 2015 NER Schedule

Below is a table containing the proposed ACP events for 2015. While this table is preliminary, the dates and distances must be submitted to RUSA by the end of September in order for them to become ACP events in 2015. To qualify for PBP riders must have completed a full SR series no later then June 27th. For this reason we’re pushing forward the normal schedule so that riders can qualify in time.

That said, events can happen all summer long. If you have a route you’ve always been thinking of offering please considering contacting RBA Jake Kassen letting him know so it can be put on the schedule now. If the route is proposed after Oct 1st it can still be run as a RUSA-only event.

Boston-area proposed schedule below. In particular we are looking for a ride leader(s) for the 600k.

March 28th100kSterling 100kMelinda Lyon
April 11th200kTBDSteve Wimberg
April 25th300kTweedo's 300kJake Kassen
May 15-17thFlecheProvidence?Jake Kassen
May 30th400kCT RoutePamela Blalock
June 20th600kTBDOpen
July 24th200kOvernight Ride NorthSarah Bergstrom

Vermont will have rides offered; some may not be PBP qualifiers.

Please remember that events are only possible with Volunteers. If you enjoy our rides please consider volunteering as a ride leader or assistant on an event.

September 13th 300K/200K Updates

The web page for the September 300K/200K has been updated with the final versions of the cue sheets (minus contact info) and the leg by leg Ride with GPS links.  Neither route has been changed, but the cues have been reformatted and updated based on the pre-drive of the route last weekend.  As always, the official cue sheet is the one handed out at the start which will have all necessary contact info.

200/300k to Voluntown, RI this weekend

This weekend (Sept 13th) marks the last of the long rides out of Boston. Dan Greene is using the 300k route to Voluntown — the same course used for many years but had been on hiatus. This is a terrific route down the scenic and rolling hills of southern MA, northeastern CT, and northwestern RI. [Tip: RUSA has a explorer award for participating in events in at least ten states -- here's your chance to get three of 'em.]

There is also a shorter 200k option as well for those looking to get one last century + 25 mile ride.

Please note the new start time: The 300k starts at 6am. The 200k starts at 7am. Lighting/reflective gear is required for riders on the 300k as you’ll be starting before dark and most riders will finish after sunset around 7pm. For 200k riders lighting is optional if you can complete the course in 12 hours but if you need the full 13.5 hours you’ll need to use lighting/reflective gear as well.